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Are you wondering why your garage door springs are not safe? Answer your questions here below

Why must I measure the garage?

When you get a new garage door, it must fit perfectly in the garage. The main point is that it opens all the way according to our experts. If the backroom is too small for your new overhead door, it won't open all the way to the back and you will have problems.

What opener models are best?

The latest Liftmaster and Genie garage door openers are all great since they can be connected with multiple accessories and you will have a wide choice among remote controls. So, it's best for you to stick to what horsepower you need and whether you want belt or chain drive openers depending on the door's weight.

Are there choices among glass panels?

Yes, there are choices among glass panels whether you need them for glass doors or your garage windows. They come in different shades and this is a good idea for those who want their privacy. Our specialists would also recommend double and insulated glass.

Can I protect my kids around the garage?

You can protect small children around a garage by keeping the remote controls on you and out of their reach. Make sure any remote control installed on the outside is installed high enough so children are not able to reach it.

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