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Provide complete sensor inspection during garage door maintenance

You need to watch out for dust and dirt on the photo eyes and for loose wires. Our specialists recommend looking closely for physical damage such as dent and chips as well. The photo eyes should be cleaned with a soft dry cloth. You should not use water or a household cleaner.

Wash steel garage doors with household detergent

You have to ensure that the detergent contains trisodium phosphate as this is the major cleaning ingredient. Fill up a cup with detergent to about a third of its volume and then dissolve this amount into one and a half gallons of water. Use this solution and a soft sponge to remove dirt from the door.

Inspect the wiring of the opener system during maintenance

You should check the cables connecting the motor unit to a power outlet and those connecting the safety sensors and the wall button unless the accessories are battery-operated. Watch out for fraying and for tiny cuts as well. If you notice even the smallest signs of damage, you should have the cables replaced as quickly as possible. This is important for protecting the electronic components from damage.

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